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Exzact recognizes that its success is based upon the success and happiness of the businesses served. For that reason, Exzact embodies the concept ‘merchant services, done right’ a promise we always deliver on.

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Our Philosophy

Focused on saving you money

Fair pricing every time

No contracts and free terminals

Our “Merchant First” philosophy provides the framework for all our decision making when customizing the best payment solution for our clients. We can, in fact, save merchants money where others cannot, offer value added products to help growth, and obtain processing for merchants who would otherwise be turned down.

our history

I formed Exzact Business Solutions after moving to St. Petersburg, Florida in 2021, and began providing additional products and services beyond online ordering for restaurants. We are now a comprehensive and versatile merchant services provider and are proud to have amassed over 100 five stars on google.

We help restaurants, bars, clubs, auto shops, grocery stores, landscapers, non-profits, eCommerce, HVAC, pest Control, electricians, carpenters, accountants, bookkeepers, CPAs, chiropractors, gun dealers, social media companies, plumbers, locksmith, Shopify and eComm websites, and many more business types.

When I am not helping businesses eliminate their payment processing fees and increase profitability, you can find me at the beach or hanging out with my dog Bleu. I love to get out on the links for 18, I am over confident in my ping pong and pool skills, and truly love working and building my business.

Meet the Team

Zachary Gottlieb


Just as I had no idea what “merchant services” was and how payment processing worked when I was first introduced to the industry 4 years ago, I still find to this day that many business owners do not understand the basics. I love being able to educate and provide value to the local community through my profession.

After graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill in 2014, I spent a few years in the corporate world in Charlotte, NC in various customer service and sales roles. I moved to Wilmington, NC in 2017 and held service industry positions for a few years before being introduced to merchant services.

I started by selling online ordering software in Richmond, Virginia with Laigle Business Group. In my first year, I successfully sold and set up 50 accounts. I am proud to say that my first processing partner, Poe’s Pub, is still a client to this day since they signed up on March 29, 2020.

I have experienced no greater joy than fostering relationships with over 150 business owners, helping them keep more of their hard-earned money in their pockets and out of the hands of a greedy sales rep or processor.

Andrea Chavez

Merchant Advocate

As an account manager and POS troubleshooting/customer service support professional, I have extensive experience providing personalized support to our clients.

Whether it’s helping to troubleshoot POS issues or delivering top-notch customer service, I am committed to ensuring that our clients receive the best possible experience.

My specialization lies in catering to our vibrant Hispanic community, where I have dedicated myself to building strong relationships and working diligently to provide a wonderful experience. Recognizing the unique needs and preferences within this community, I am passionate about tailoring our services to create a seamless and culturally sensitive interaction.

Through effective communication and a deep understanding of their requirements, I strive to exceed expectations and contribute to the overall satisfaction of our valued Hispanic clientele.


Pitbull Advocate
From humble beginnings, Bleu was given away at a random gas station in rural Florida. He strives everyday to help us with our mission to bring smiles everywhere we go.


Merchant Services

Welcome to Exzact Business Solutions, where your business’s financial efficiency and transaction success are our top priority.

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In the fast-paced world of commerce, businesses require robust, versatile, and efficient point-of-sale (POS) systems to stay

Mobile Payments

Exzact Business Solutions is your premier partner for progressive and efficient mobile payment solutions.

Online Ordering

Almost 75% of customers visit your online presence before coming in or ordering. Don’t miss out on that essential revenue stream.

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In today’s competitive market, every business seeks innovative ways to attract and retain customers while boosting.

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