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Your website is your online business card. A business card serves no purpose if you keep them in your pocket and never hand them out when networking. Same goes for your website. Search engine optimization is like the act of handing out your business card…except online. With over a billion websites that exist, yours is just another one in the black abyss of the WWW if not optimized appropriately.

Whenever we are looking for a product or service and don’t already have someone in mind what do we do? We Google it! With SEO, your website can appear on the top of the results so you are the one that generates the traffic and leads. Let’s look at companies that sell leads. They optimized a website for a specific industry and optimized it to the top of Google. They generate the lead and then sell that lead to businesses in that industry. Why buy leads when you can cut the middle man out and rank #1 yourself?

Why Does SEO Even Matter?

Google anything…let’s take “roofing company in Houston” as an example. The first results at the top are known as paid results, also referred to as Google adwords or pay per click. These advertisements are expensive as you have to pay Google a direct fee for every click the link receives. In addition, ask yourself: how often do you actually choose to click paid ads when you Google a product/service? 80% of your potential customers scroll past these ads and make buying decisions on the map or underneath the map. Google maps and these organic results are crucial for attracting relevant traffic that converts into leads and sales. Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is a service that focuses on positioning your website #1 on Google when your potential customer is searching for the specific service that you provide.

93% of online experiences begin with a search engine such as Google!

80% of users ignore the paid ads, focusing on the organic results.

SEO leads have a 14x higher close rate because the customer is already in need of your service.

A Little Breakdown of the Different Areas

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) has a ton of different moving parts. Simply put we are looking at the different ranking factors that influence Google’s algorithm and orchestrate a strategy based on the tasks needed to rank the website. Below are just a few of the aspects of a strategy that are vital to ranking #1 on Google for the product/service that you offer.

Link Building

Linking building involves acquiring links on external websites of relevance and high domain authority. This is one of the algorithm’s biggest ranking factors.

Keyword Research

Having the right target plays a huge role in a successful SEO strategy. If you are aiming at keywords with no search volume, your website will not generate any leads!

Traffic Analytics

You have to track records to break records. We are very transparent in our results as we track google analytics and give our clients full access.

Rank Tracking

Setting baselines is very important in measuring the success of our campaigns. We report ranking positions on a monthly basis!

Content Creation

Content creation plays a big role in the algorithm as you want to make sure the right keywords are being implemented on your website. Our writers will take care of this!

Local SEO

Don’t just rank organically….rank locally as well! All of our SEO options include getting your business #1 on the map as well. Not just underneath it.

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We understand your pain. We talk to dozens of companies on a weekly basis only to find out that they have been taken advantage of by a company that they paid thousands of dollars to and they had ZERO results! It’s unfortunate that there are several companies out there who sell SEO however, they are not good at servicing it. This has created a gray area in our industry. It is a big part of why we participate in the education aspect of the industry as well and not just the servicing. Our goal is to help set standards for the way the service is provided that way everyone experiences success!

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